MIT introduces digital diplomas

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is offering some students the option to be awarded tamper-free digital degree certificates when they graduate, in partnership with Learning Machine. Selected students can now choose to download a digital version of their degree certificate to their smartphones when they… Read More

Top Online Courses – October 2017

Are you an aspiring software developers who want to gain expertise in object-oriented design with Java? Or perhaps you’re looking to launch your career in Cloud Architecture? Check out the courses we’ve highlighted for you this month! Note that Coursera is now offering risk-free 7-day… Read More

Machines Are The Easy Part; People Are The Hard Part

This little book takes a somewhat skewed approach to educational technology. Its focus is on the human elements to which attention must be paid before technology can have an impact on teaching and learning. By Doug Johnson

Keep Kids Safe Online: 5 Tips for Parents

As your children grow up, technology will become an increasing part of their world. While every parent hopes their child will never encounter inappropriate content, cyberbullying or online scams, these dangers are out there. Luckily, there are certain steps you can take to promote online… Read More