Movie Review: Logan

Logan, the X-Men’s famed Wolverine, bested the world’s worst hombres in his day. He tangled with Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, fought the Silver Samurai and battled his very own brother. But not even Wolverine can win the war against time. It’s 2029, and… Read More

Movie Review: Sing

Funny thing about dreams: Everyone has them, yet so few actually achieve them. At least not permanently. Take Buster Moon, for instance. At the tender age of 6, the koala bear fell in love. The object of his ardour? The theatre. Buster found himself mesmerised… Read More

Movie Review: Moana

The seas are calling. And they call to a girl named Moana. Nonsense, you say? Well, her father, Chief Tu, would agree with you. His strictest rule forbids anyone—especially his daughter—from sailing beyond their island’s surrounding reef. The danger is just too great. Better to… Read More