Swiss School in Singapore

Fast Facts The Swiss School in Singapore was founded in 1967 by Marie-Therese and Werner Kaufmann-Sialm and officially opened on 2 May with 18 children in Kindergarten and 10 students in primary classes. Slowly and steadily, the Swiss School has grown to a number of… Read More

The Winstedt School

The Winstedt School Fast Facts The Winstedt School began as a small private practice (formally known as Learn Different) in 2002 by its founder, and third generation Singaporean, Sharon Solomon. At The Winstedt School, we teach differently for students who learn differently. Since 2008, The… Read More

Integrated International School

Integrated International School (Singapore) Fast Facts Founded by Dr. Vanessa von Auer, one of Asia’s leading child experts, Integrated International School (IIS) is built on the principle that every child is capable of success that goes beyond one definition. We believe that success spans a… Read More

Fabian Scholarships

Fabian Scholarships Fast Facts Fabian is the name derived from the Roman clan “Fabius” and which has been given to several Roman emperors and 16 saints. It is also synonymous with the Fabian Society in the UK – a group of the most prominent and… Read More

Tanglin Trust School

Tanglin Trust School Fast Facts With 90 years experience of providing British based education to the international community in Singapore, Tanglin Trust School provides a unique learning environment for children from Nursery right through to Sixth Form (3-18 years). Whilst our academic traditions and approach… Read More

Insworld Institute

Insworld Institute Fast Facts Founded in 2001, Insworld has a close working relationship with Pearson Edexcel, a fully accredited UK Exam Board and Awarding Body. Insworld Institute is a recognised Pearson Edexcel Centre of Excellence and is an Edexcel Approved Centre delivering Academic Qualifications. Pearson… Read More