Does your child need a scholarship resume?

A scholarship resume gives the scholarship committee a quick insight into your child and his/her accomplishments. Here are some tips to help your child craft one.

  • The resume should be a one-pager, listing the most current achievement first.
  • Since this is one more way for your child to shine in the eyes of the judging committee, don’t hold back! List community service involvement, awards (school, clubs, church, etc), work experience and any other achievement that makes him/her proud.
  • Another reason for taking the time to put together a scholarship resume is it allows the judges to see more of the applicant than they would see if your child had only filled out the scholarship application. What if there was no space on the form to show that he/she has volunteered for a local charity in the last five years?
  • Make sure that information such as name, address, and phone numbers are neatly typed at the top of the scholarship resume.
  • Use an easy to read font (Ariel is a good standard one) that is not too small. Trying to squeeze more information by using a smaller font may backfire as it makes a quick glance much harder.

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