Scholarship Facts

AGO plays an important role in enhancing public accountability and governance in the public sector. AGO checks on the proper accounting of public monies and use of public resources through various types of audits. Our observations include system weaknesses, non-compliance with control procedures or legislation, and instances of excess, extravagance, or gross inefficiency leading to waste in the use of public funds and resources.

As the nation’s auditor, AGO believes in nurturing outstanding and talented individuals who desire to serve Singapore and are interested in pursuing a fulfilling career in public sector auditing.

If you are a driven individual with an analytical and enquiring mind and would like to make a difference in the public sector, we encourage you to apply for the Auditing Service Scholarship. The scholarship promises a satisfying career where endless opportunities abound. AGO scholars will undergo internship with AGO during the period of study.

Value of Award

The scholarship will cover tuition and other compulsory fees, maintenance allowance, hostel allowance and pre-studies allowance.

We encourage our scholars to develop a broad perspective by participating in their respective universities’ overseas Student Exchange Programme. Additional allowances will be covered in accordance with our scholarship policy.

Bond Requirements

AGO scholars are required to serve a four-year bond.

Upon graduation, the scholars will embark on a rewarding career in public sector auditing. Comprehensive training designed to develop individuals in maximising their potential will be provided. In addition, job rotation will be provided to allow exposure to different aspects of audit.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident intending to take up Singapore citizenship.
  • Demonstrated strong leadership qualities with active participation in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA).

Undergraduate Scholarship
Good GCE “A” level results (with minimum 10 academic units), International Baccalaureate (IB), Polytechnic Diploma (with Merit) or equivalent.

Mid-Term Scholarship
Open to outstanding undergraduates who are currently pursuing an Accountancy degree at the local universities listed below and have completed at least one semester of undergraduates studies. Applicants should be on track for at least a Second Upper Class Honours.

Tenable Universities
Application Course


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