What kind of parent do you aspire to be?

Organised by Focus on the Family Singapore, the Parent-Coach Dialogues goes beyond being a workshop that dispenses parenting notes. Each session is designed to encourage stimulating conversation between all parents in attendance, facilitators included, and is a great source of practical tips and tools.

At each of the three dialogues, you can engage with parents with children 7-9 years and gain a better understanding of your parenting style and how it applies to your kids.

Dates: Every Thursday from 15 September to 20 October 2016
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Fees: S$120 per dialogue or S$300 for all three dialogues (individual); S$200 per dialogue or S$380 for all three dialogues (couple)

DIALOGUE ONE (15 & 22 September)

pcd-wa-template 15 Oct to 20 SeptSession 1: Becoming the Parent-Coach – Staying the course as an effective parent
Session 2: What’s Happening to My Baby? – Helping your child feel secure in a whole new world

DIALOGUE TWO (29 September & 6 October)

Session 1: The Dawn of Independence – Giving your child the freedom to grow
Session 2: Navigating Friendships – Strengthening your child’s social and emotional well being

DIALOGUE THREE (13 & 20 October)

Session 1: High-5s at Home – Nurturing the parent-child relationship
Session 2: Home SAFE Home – Creating a safe haven for your child

Visit www.family.org.sg/ParentCoachDialogues to register!

About the Speaker
Joanna Koh-Hoe is a psychology graduate who moved upstream from remedial therapy and case management, to family life education and consultancy. In between, she took a year off to join an international NGO engaged in humanitarian work. She presently serves as CEO of local charity, Focus on the Family Singapore. As a pioneering staff, Joanna was involved in all its major programmes running the gamut from youth sexuality and marriage, to parenting and work-life.

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