Our Partners & Sponsors

Expanding Expression
Expanding Expression™ is the provider of the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) and professional development opportunities for improved oral language and writing. Its unique Expanding Expression Tool Kit is designed to be used by teachers, literacy coaches, reading specialists, parents, speech-language pathologists and other specialists to support academics.

Focus on the Family
Focus on the Family Singapore Limited is a donor-supported Institution of Public Character (IPC) dedicated to helping families thrive. We believe the family unit is the basic building block of a thriving nation. We partner individuals and organisations to strengthen family relationships through differentiated programs, trusted resources, family counselling and content placement in various media. Our desire is to witness the powerful transformation of our society through healthy and positive family values today, and for generations to come.

Zane Education
Zane Education is an online learning service that enables students aged within the K-12 grade range, to study over 260 curriculum topics while improving their reading, literacy and English Language skills at the same time. The online service, comprising a comprehensive library of purposely subtitled educational video, accompanied by a variety of online study tools, lesson plans, additional study resources and online testing, provides a highly effective visual learning solution for the school and classroom, homeschooling and home educators and a wide variety of special needs.

Pennies for Peace
A parent is a child’s first and most important teacher. They teach children about empathy, the power of education, and how to be a good citizen. Pennies for Peace offers opportunities for families to work together and promote peace through education.

“Educating one woman is equivalent to educating several men because she shares her knowledge with her family, her children, and her community.”

Learning Tech Program distributes highly successful Home-Education programmes that have been widely used to nurture young minds around the world, including Complete Educational ( A+) Program (CEP), Holistic Bilingual Program (HBP) and Magic Phonics Program (MPP). These educational programmes are designed to develop children’s potential from their early formative years.

Ek-Legein Connections is a builder and facilitator of corporate and individual networks and communication around the world. Through its global association with skilled and qualified professionals, Ek-Legein Connections is able to provide consultation and advice across an eclectic diversity of disciplines ranging from education and training to corporate resources and human capital management, and from energy and bioresearch to real estate, hospitality services and beyond.