Our Panel of Experts

E.H. Twizell
E.H. Twizell has Professor Emeritus status at Brunel University, UK, and has held several Visiting Professorships at universities in Japan, China and the United Arab Emirates. Before retiring in 2005 he was a frequent visitor to Singapore and is currently a member of the Senate of the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).

Ronald Stones
Ronald Stones OBE is a veteran leader of renown in schools and educational organisations. Although originally from Britain, his work has been centred mainly in South-East Asia in international education and in national education systems. He is Director of Ronald Stones Consulting which provides a boutique consultancy service in the field of education, and is an Associate of Ek-Legein Connections. He is based in Singapore and Indonesia.

Daniel Wong
Daniel Wong is the bestselling author of The Happy Student: 5 Steps to Academic Fulfillment and Success. He specialises in empowering students to become both happy and successful. He has spoken to and worked with more than 20,000 students, parents and educators in countries like the United States, Indonesia and Singapore. He also writes regularly at his website.

Andrew P. Lucy
Andrew P. Lucy obtained his PhD in molecular biology at the John Innes Centre (University of East Anglia) in the UK and has supplementary qualifications in natural medicines and psychotherapy. Dr Lucy has published peer-reviewed articles and opinion pieces across a number of disciplines – from communications and change to education and career management to biological sciences, and even the odd bit of poetry. His experience spans bench research, laboratory and business partnership and development, education and professional coaching.

A Chartered Biologist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (UK), Dr Lucy is also honoured to be an invited Mentor for the Career Network for Student Scientists and PostDocs at Yale University (CNSPY). Currently residing in Singapore, Dr Lucy firmly believes that it is only through those we teach, that our true success is measured.

Adrian Tan
Adrian Tan has over 11 years of professional recruitment experience. He co-founded two recruitment agencies and led one to win two HR Vendors of the Year award. A recipient of HR Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013, he ventured into career training and co-authored the career guide book ‘Everything You Wish To Ask a Headhunter‘.