Institution Facts

The German European School Singapore (GESS) is a multi-lingual, not-for-profit, international school in Singapore with a distinct European flavour. GESS provides international education to 1,500 students of more than 50 nationalities from 18 months to 18 years. We provide education in German following the German Curriculum and English education following the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum.

The emphasis at GESS is preparation for university and for life. Students and families are guided in their selection of courses, activities, sports, and community service so as to establish a full, rigorous programme that will make them competitive when seeking university admission.

Classes are taught in German in the German Section and in English in the European Section, whereby classes in the respective other language are a mandatory aspect of both sections. Additional language classes in French, Spanish, Latin and Mandarin are taught as well. Furthermore, we offer a Dutch and Danish mother tongue programme and support various further mother tongue programmes.

GESS - Two Systems

Admission Criteria

As an international and independent not-for-profit school, GESS welcomes students of any nationality, race or belief. Due to the small class sizes, teachers at GESS have the capacity to provide focused attention for each student. Applications for admissions to GESS can be submitted at any time during the academic year and acceptance is subject to availability.

Admission Requirements
Applications for admissions to GESS can be submitted at any time during the academic year and acceptance is subject to availability. GESS reserves the right to decline student applications which do not meet the academic, language or personal expectations of the school.

Final acceptance and enrolment is subject to the school’s principal decision and the school receiving all required information. Only children enrolled before 30 April in the Kindergarten/Pre-Primary classes of the current school year will get automatic placement in the next school year for our Foundation or Grade 1 classes, subject to our usual terms/conditions and educational decision-making.

Pre-Enrolment Testing
Students applying for entry into Grade 6 to 11 of our European Section have to take the IB specific English test online, either in or out of Singapore. In some cases, additional tests in maths and science might be required.

Students applying for entry into our German Section will be evaluated based on their past report card and grades. In exceptional cases, placement tests might be necessary for the student’s benefit. Admission into Grade 11 and 12 of the German Section might require the approval of the German Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs in particular cases.

Admission Procedures
  • Download the admissions form and fill out all required fields electronically or manually.
  • Print out the fully completed application form, sign all required pages and submit your application together with all supporting documents, a passport sized photograph of your child and the entrance fee to our Admissions Team in person, by postal mail or via email to The checklist which is part of the form will help you to verify if you have included all relevant documents.
  • If pre-enrolment testing is required for admission into the grade level and section you are applying for, please contact admissions for its organisation. If your child has already taken the pre-enrolment tests, please submit the test results along with the application form.

The time needed for processing your application will depend on the time of the year during which you are applying as well as the grade and section you are applying for.

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