Fast Facts

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) was set up in 1963 by the Ngee Ann Kongsi, a philanthropic foundation, as Ngee Ann College with only 116 students.

NP was the first polytechnic in Singapore to implement Mobile e-Learning in 1999, integrating a notebook ownership scheme, a wireless campus network and an e-learning platform. The entire polytechnic is now fully enabled for students to connect to the wireless network. About 95 per cent of all teaching modules are now available online.

Today, the polytechnic is one of Singapore’s leading institutions of higher learning with over 16,000 full-time students, about 2,000 part-time students and a vibrant alumni community of more than 130,000.

Broad-based Education
As part of the Ngee Ann Learning Model to provide a broad-based education, NP offers diverse interdisciplinary modules through its School of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Global Exposure
Another hallmark of the Ngee Ann education is overseas exposure which gives students the chance to see the world, broaden their horizons as well as experience foreign cultures and ways of conducting business. Every student is therefore given the opportunity to go abroad at least once through a variety of learning platforms such as internships, immersion programmes, study visits, community service and competitions.

Unique Partnerships
NP also maintains close partnerships with industry players and research partners to enrich the students’ education through internships, collaborative projects and off-campus learning opportunities.

In addition, it has established two Centres of Innovation in Environmental & Water Technology and Marine & Offshore Technology which serve as one-stop centres to catalyse the growth of SMEs that tap on their technological capabilities to develop commercially viable solutions. At the same time, both Centres of Innovation provide a platform for NP staff and students to work on cutting-edge projects and build on the Polytechnic’s research and development expertise in niche areas.

Holistic Student Development
All students are also given the opportunity to further develop themselves through Ngee Ann’s very own Youth Academy which helps them discover more about themselves, broaden their horizons and gain insights into the real world.

The Youth Academy offers various programmes for personal and character development such as leadership and portfolio development workshops and empowerment camps.

NP also offers The Christieara Programme (TCP), a comprehensive talent development programme which stretches the potential of students and enhance their career preparation and academic progression beyond the polytechnic.

Values-driven Education
Beyond equipping our students with knowledge and competencies, the polytechnic also places an emphasis on instilling NP’s core values of respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, compassion and gratitude or in short, R3ICG. This is accomplished through multiple pathways which shape their character and inspire them to contribute to society.

Courses & Schools

NP has nine academic schools offering 49 full-time courses that cover diverse areas ranging from business, media, humanities and social sciences to IT, engineering, life sciences, and health sciences. You can download the course brochures by following the respective school’s link below.

School of Business & Accountancy

School of Design & Environment

School of Engineering

School of Film & Media Studies

School of Health Sciences

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

School of InfoComm Technology

School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology

Admission Guide

With all the forms, deadlines and requirements, applying to polytechnic can be confusing, so the Admissions Guide is designed to guide you through the process, every step of the way. Visit this page to find out more.

Admission Procedures

To apply for admission to polytechnic, there are various admissions exercises open to specific groups of applicants, depending on the qualification. Visit this page to find out more.

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