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Fast Facts

Founded in Fukuoka in 1911 as the 4th Imperial University, Kyushu University has established itself as a leader in education and research not just in Japan, but throughout the world. It now comprises 11 undergraduate schools, 18 graduate schools, 16 faculties, five research institutes, a university hospital offering advanced medical care, and libraries that stock more than 4 million book.

Kyushu University marked its centennial anniversary in 2011. In our centennial year, we launched the Faculty of Arts and Science, which is dedicated to offering liberal arts education from new perspectives.

Our state-of-the-art Ito Campus is designed to conduct verification experiments for various cutting-edge technologies, reflecting our high regard for the conservation of biodiversity and the preservation of historical remains.

Graduate School/Graduate Faculty System
Kyushu University has instituted a Graduate School/Graduate Faculty system – the first attempt of this kind at a Japanese university – as part of the overall reorganisation of undergraduate and graduate education at the university in 2000.

In separating the former Graduate School into the Graduate School (the education body) and the Graduate Faculty (the research body to which faculty members belong), the University is seeking to revitalise relationships between the Graduate Faculty and the Graduate School, and the Graduate Faculty and Undergraduate School. These changes should promote a more dynamic functioning of the Graduate Faculty in its relation to the Graduate School and the Undergraduate School.

In implementing a more dynamic configuration of the education bodies (Undergraduate and Graduate Schools) and research body (Graduate Faculty), the university can more readily accommodate changes and shifts to pedagogic and research foci that may occur in the future.


School of Letters
The School of Letters now offers 21 subjects of study within four disciplinary fields: Philosophy, History, Literature, and Human Sciences.

School of Law
The School of Law offers as many as 100 classes at the undergraduate level, including both law
and political science programmes.

School of Economics
Beginning in 2007, the School of Economics initiated an inter-institutional education programme whereby third-year undergraduates upon choosing this programme, are allowed to attend graduate school courses during their fourth year. Doing so, student in this programme are able to receive a masters degree in one year upon entering graduate school.

School of Science
The School of Science consists of five departments: Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Mathematics and Biology.

School of Medicine
The School of Medicine consists of three departments: Medicine, Biomedical Science and Health Sciences.

School of Dentistry
The School of Dentistry is responsible for undergraduate education, to provide the knowledge and
skills needed for oral health practice.

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences was established in April 1950 as the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences within the Faculty of Medicine.

School of

The School of Engineering prepares students for the challenges they will experience as they improve the world, and provides an in-depth engineering education and encouragement for students to apply what they learn through projects, internships, and research.

School of Design
The School of Design consists of five departments: Environmental Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Acoustic Design, and Art and Information Design.

School of Agriculture
The School of Agriculture has offered an international undergraduate programme since October
2010. It is an undergraduate programme supported by the Global 30 Project of Kyushu University, and the instruction is entirely in English.

School of Education
The School of Education consists of two sections: Science of Education and Educational Psychology.

Undergraduate Admissions

Visit this page for application instructions as well as information on the MEXT Scholarship.

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