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First Media Design School (FMDS) is a specialised boutique design institution, offering design, design management and design entrepreneurship programmes. It is the education arm of the First Media Group, one of Singapore’s most awarded groups in the design industry.

FMDS has established global partnerships with universities located in the US, UK and Australia, providing students with a wide range of higher learning pathways.

FMDS pathway
Education Pathway

Beyond Singapore, FMDS currently cultivates talents in three other ASEAN countries:

FMDS offers industry-based curriculum with integrated classroom lessons and practical studio knowledge conducted by industry practitioners. Students gain industry exposure through insightful sharing by successful guest speakers and regular outdoor learning activities. FMDS students are taught applied design thinking skills and self-mastery lessons to prepare them for the real world.

Programmes Offered

Diploma Programmes
Kick start your career in design through 18 months intensive design training.
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Diploma in Visual Communication (Graphic Design)

Diploma in Visual Communication (Multimedia)

Diploma in Fashion Design

Advanced Diploma
Learn from the best in the industry through 3 months internship and practical design management.
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FMDS studentsAdvanced Diploma in Visual Communication (Graphic Design)

Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication (Multimedia)

Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design & Merchandising

Double Diploma in Graphic Design & Multimedia

Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship (Design)

Advanced Diploma in New Media (Filmmaking)

Bachelor of Arts
The FMDS-University of West England (UWE) degree programme offers all its Advanced Diploma graduates an accelerated degree pathway with a 12-month “top-up”. This programme is designed to endow students with analytical, conceptual and research skills that serve to up their ante in the diverse areas of professional design practice.
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Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion (Teach out)

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graphic Design

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