Be the steady guide and inspiring mentor for your child

Organised by Focus on the Family Singapore, the Parent-Coach Dialogues goes beyond being a workshop that dispenses parenting notes.

The dialogues are designed to encourage stimulating conversation between all parents and facilitator. At each of the three dialogues, you can engage with parents with children 7-9 years and acquire practical tools optimised for your own parenting style.

Dates: Every Tuesday from 22 March to 26 April 2016
Time: 10am to 12pm
Fees: S$80 per dialogue or S$180 for all three dialogues

DIALOGUE ONE (22 & 29 March)

Session 1: Becoming the Parent-Coach – Staying the course as an effective parent
Session 2: What’s Happening to My Baby? – Helping your child feel secure in a whole new world

DIALOGUE TWO (5 & 12 April)

Session 1: The Dawn of Independence – Giving your child the freedom to grow
Session 2: Navigating Friendships – Strengthening your child’s social and emotional well being

DIALOGUE THREE (19 & 26 April)

Session 1: High-5s at Home – Nurturing the parent-child relationship
Session 2: Home SAFE Home – Creating a safe haven for your child

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