Parents’ Guide Digest – March 2015

This month is indeed March Madness as we came across a flurry of interesting stories.

With semestral assessments and mid-year exams coming up for your child, it will be interesting to see if students are expected to provide “model” answers in their tests.

move it

Ok, maybe not this kind of model answers.

During this testing period, your child may feel stressed. Here’s a simple way for you to give positive motivation to your child, as shown on a TV programme in South Korea.

The important thing here is to let children be themselves. As one parent points out, “getting an education does not mean hitting the books day in day out but having a robust, active life outside school too”. Follow this link to read her story.

On the other hand, if your child excels in his assessment, you may want to praise him, but don’t overdo it. Jim Taylor, author of the book Your Kids Are Listening: Nine Messages They Need to Hear from You, says that there are better ways to build self-esteem than heaping on praise for everything kids do.

Apart from helping to build your child’s self-esteem, you should also teach them the right values.


And you have to lead by example.

Elsewhere, some people have argued that a degree is actually useless in Singapore. Perhaps that’s why Finland is about to embark on one of the most radical education reform programmes ever undertaken by a nation state – scrapping traditional “teaching by subject” in favour of “teaching by topic”. The reforms reflect growing calls for education to promote character, resilience and communication skills, rather than just pushing children through “exam factories”.

Anyway, these are indeed heady days for education technology. Here’s a look inside the classroom of the future.

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