About Us

Zhi Ying Language School provides a fun and fast way to learn Mandarin. Our students achieved 99% “A” and “A*” in 2011 and 2012 PSLE Chinese examination.


  • Generate interest in a fun learning environment
  • Improve the child’s confidence in speaking and writing Mandarin

Zhi Ying Language School

The Zhi Ying Word Recognition Speed Learning Program (targeted at helping children age 5 and above), teaches students up to 1500 new Chinese characters in 8 months. This complete learning experience starts from word recognition, to reading and finally, creative essay writing.

Our unique teaching methods allow students to swiftly learn, comprehend and utilise over 1500 Mandarin characters in 1/5 (one fifth) the speed as compared to most traditional methods. Hence the name Zhi Ying (直映), which means “direct imprint” or “direct impression”.

This methodology involves experiential learning and promotes almost instanteous word recognition, effective use of Chinese proverbs, and eventually, creative essay writing. Mind mapping and right brain developmental techniques have also been incorporated in all our programmes.

Programmes Offered

Our programmes are MOE-certified and suitable for pre-school, primary and secondary levels.

  • Pre-school word recognition, speech and drama, reading and writing classes
  • Primary and Secondary level Chinese language
  • Creative essay writing class
  • P1 preparatory class
  • Ace “PSLE” intensive class
  • “O” level examination class
  • Holiday programme


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