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UMA Mental Arithmetic is a mental arithmetic institute founded by Zhu Shuihua. Master Zhu found that the legacy system of mental arithmetic is becoming increasingly outdated and limited in its ability to provide students with a holistic perspective.

When students study mental arithmetic to a higher level, they are almost invariably hampered by the difficulties of the level and hence unable to carry on effectively or their arduous work bears little fruits. Hence, Master Zhu was determined to reinvent the whole system from the bottom up.

After years of research and teaching experience, Master Zhu developed a comprehensive and systematic philosophy and methodology to learn mental arithmetic. Following the success of the new textbooks system, he created a multimedia abacus to assist students to master the skill more easily. The multimedia abacus is a perfect companion for students as it has the capacity to demo both the one-hand and two-hand methods.

To harness multimedia and further improve students’ interest and performance, Master Zhu also developed an online learning programme. The online programme is a good supplement for students due to its ubiquitousness.

UMA methodology
UMA adopts a two-hand methodology for abacus and mental arithmetic. Through the two-hand method, students can develop both sides of their brain to better induce their potentials. Our methodology includes:

  • Two-hand Training
  • Speed Training
  • Reactive & Reflexive Response Training
  • Aural Mental Arithmetic Training
  • Visual Counting Training
  • Multimedia Abacus
  • Online Learning Programme
Programmes Offered

Kindergarten/Pre-Primary students (age 4-6)

  • Can read, write and understand 0-9
  • We will provide specific textbooks and pace of progress to suit their ability.
  • Students begin to have brain images for mental arithmetic without relying on abacus and perform calculations through image motion mechanism.

Primary students (age 7-13)

  • Students will be furnished with customised textbooks to best match their ability.
  • Students will experience positive changes in terms of their memory, concentration, reaction and problem-solving abilities.
  • Students will receive grade test to attest their hard work and progress.

Adults (age 14 and above)

  • For adults, learning mental arithmetic can enhance your brain activity and reaction to information.

Teacher’s Certification Training

  • This trainer certification programme is for people who aspire to be a professional teacher in mental arithmetic.

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