About Us

Primary School Science Specialist
At Science Alive, our programmes are structured according to MOE syllabus.

Yet our priority is also to develop the young minds beyond the Primary School syllabus and allow them to gain in-depth learning through exposure and exploration.

Our programmes are designed to instill a passion for Science in our students, so that they can achieve academic excellence, while enjoying the learning process.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills
At Science Alive, we believe in more than just hands-on activities in our lessons. Other than being fun and stimulating, our lessons encourage students to relate Science to their daily lives.

Our experiments and inquiry-based programmes empower our students to develop Critical thinking skills. They get to explore Science in the real world, beyond textbook concepts.

Experienced Tutors
We want our students to succeed. Our tutors have several years of teaching experience. They have designed specialised programmes which allow students to quickly grasp Science concepts and reach for that A*.

We consistently update the contents of our programmes to ensure that they are always fresh and innovative.

Programmes Offered

Term Programme
Our priority is to develop our students’ minds beyond the curriculum guidelines and in-depth learning through exposure and exploration, following strictly according to MOE syllabus.

Our Dynamic Learning Programmes are developed to not allow children to only achieve academic success but to also enjoy learning, instil a passion for science.

Our students get to explore Science in the real world and not just out of their textbooks. Our experiment and inquiry-based programmes empower our students to learn Science in the way best suited to them.

Holistic Learning

Holiday Programme
We believe in nurturing a passion in Science in our students, enabling them to enjoy learning and see the relevance of Science in their everyday life.

Our lessons are uniquely aided with MOE syllabus-based hands-on experiments to strengthen our students’ knowledge and application of the Science concepts, especially those topics with abstract Science concepts. These prove to enhance their learning in school.

Junior Achievers Camp (Suitable for 6-8)
Let your little ones explore science this holiday with our fun-filled and experiment packed holiday camps. Help them discover the exciting topics that they will learn in school as they are exposed to topics from the thematic MOE syllabus.

Themes covered: Diversity, Cycles, Interaction, Systems and Energy

Young Achievers Camp (For Pri 3 and 4 students)
Gear up for the new term with our amazing Science holiday camp. Let your children see the amazing things they can do with the Science they learn in school. They’ll wow their friends with amazing experiments and cool new gadgets.

Themes covered: Diversity, Cycles, Energy Interaction and Systems

PSLE Boot Camp
Attention! Get your children ready for PSLE! Our specially-designed programme is here to help you jump-start your child’s revision, with our review, relate and revise cycle to help get a hold of their syllabus.

We’ll introduce a brand new way to approach studying for Science in this 3-day long programme and get students to think of more efficient ways to work through their revision for Science.

Our intensive programme is conducted by our experienced PSLE teachers.

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