Fast Facts

At Mind Edge, we have a variety of programmes that boost brain performance as well as optimise learning efficiency and memory retention for every stage of life.

After all, we are the pioneers in gender intelligence in Asia Pacific and the founder of the Singapore Memory Championship. We are proud to put Singapore on the global map by producing its first and only Grandmaster Norm of Memory.

The FUNtastic Achievers Programme equips students with learning processes and methodologies based on neuro-science principles. We help students reduce study time by up to 50% – simply by improving their cognitive capacity in memory, comprehension and problem-solving ability.

Mind Edge initiated and organised the Mind Edge – Stabilo Inter-School Memory Challenge in 2009, with more than 100 student participants from all over Singapore. After the successful launch, the event has been conducted in 2010 and 2011. (Note: Mind Edge organised it alone – no longer with Stabilo)

Today, many parents regard Mind Edge as an authority on successful parenting. Our best-selling FUNtastic Parenting book, launched in 2008, is used as a handbook by many parents looking to enhance their child’s performance.

At Mind Edge, we conduct various parenting courses focused on improving interaction between parents and children. These courses help the parents understand key drivers behind their child’s behaviour.

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