The Most Life-Changing Programme For Your Child This Holiday

With the examinations over and school holiday coming, you are probably wondering “What should I let my child do in his holidays?” Some parents believe in packing the school holidays with endless enrichment classes and tuition, while others prefer to let their children relax and do whatever they want the entire month. Here are three life-changing programmes for your child that you should check out before you start making plans for the holidays.

If your child is between age 8 to 19 and you want to give him/her a chance to make holistic improvement in their learning, life skills, motivation and relationships… the I Am Gifted!™ programme is the one for your child.

Adam Khoo and kidHaving a rich history of 14 years, the I Am Gifted!™ programme is the flagship programme created by Asia’s most successful speaker end educator, Adam Khoo. Spurred by his own experiences, the strategies Adam and his team of experience and qualified trainers will teach your child was what turned him from a dropout to the top 1% of NUS.

Focusing on 3 masteries: Learning Mastery, Life Mastery & Relationship Mastery, the programme is designed to empower students to learn holistically to achieve success in school and in life. Some of the skills taught in the programme include:

  • Speed Reading
  • Whole Brain Note-making
  • Super Memory for facts and figures
  • Goal Setting and Career Planning
  • Building & Maintaining High Self-Esteem & Personal Motivation
  • Emotional State Management
  • Goal setting

  • Winner’s Mindset
  • Effective Time Management
  • Positive Beliefs
  • Nurturing Harmonious Relationships

I Am Gifted!™ is designed to nurture well-rounded development for your children, preparing them for life in the competitive and fast-changing 21st century society. The skills and techniques taught are backed by neuroscience research, supported by world-renowned neuroscience professors Dr. Terrence Sejnowski and Dr. Barbara Oakley. Its holistic curriculum is also infused with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Multiple Intelligence and brain-based learning.

Available Dates: 21–25 Nov 2016, 26–30 Nov 2016, 1–5 Dec 2016

Want to find out more? Simply attend a free Super Learning Workshop on one of the following dates: 19 Nov (Sat) or 20 Nov (Sun). Details here.

If your child is between age 13 to 19 and you want him/her to be able to open doors to endless opportunities and achieve success beyond academic results… I Am Gifted!™ Advance programme will be the one for your child.

auditoriumThis 3-day programme will effectively prepare students for their future in areas apart from studies. The programme focuses on 3 areas: Leadership, Career Advantage & Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Based on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership used by many corporate, universities and government organisations worldwide, your child will hone his leadership skills and challenge himself to become the leader amongst leaders. They will learn to be able to influence, inspire and engage with anyone easily and with confidence. Such qualities will set him apart from the rest in the considerations for many opportunities such as university admission, student leadership position, scholarship programmes, internships, overseas attachment and jobs.

Your child will also develop his personal identity and career advantage in the Advance programme: We make use of 360 Degree Personality Profiling and LinkedIn to teach them skills such as networking, presentation, interview, personal branding and leadership. This comes into play not only when applying for jobs but in JC/Poly and University, where they often have to take on project work and presentations.

Available Date: 2–4 Dec 2016

Want to find out more? Simply attend a free 21st Century Successful Teens Workshop on 19 Nov (Sat)! More details here.

If your child is between age 13 to 16, and you want him/her to grasp the basics of financial management and be ahead of the rest in the road to financial stability… Wealth Academy Teens is the perfect choice.

Self-made millionaire Adam Khoo has trained countless people on investing and making multiple streams of income in the Wealth Academy programme. What inspired this programme is the fact that many investors feedback one thing – they all wish that they had learnt the financial knowledge much earlier.

What your teenage child will learn in the programme:

  • Establish The Right Wealth Mindset
  • Developing Good Money Habits
  • Understand How Wealth Is Created
  • Present a Business Idea

Financial security for tomorrow starts with a strong financial foundation today. This is especially true in Singapore, where inflation rates and cost of living continue to rise year after year. You will agree that we are not going to provide for our children all their lives even if we can. This means that our children are on the way to facing huge financial burdens. Learning financial knowledge early can be the make or break factor in determining their financial future.

Available Date: 3–4 Dec 2016

Want to find out more? Simply attend a free Smart Financial Management For Teens workshop on 18 Nov (Fri)! Check out the details here.

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