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JustEdu is an education centre whose brand is synonymous with fun learning, a nurturing of one’s passion, and teaching from the heart.

Established in 1999, JustEdu, formerly known as Just Education, grew from a single centre in Jurong East to an island-wide institution with 13 learning centres located in the heartlands of Singapore. Positive word of mouth from satisfied students and parents through the decades enabled us to flourish to become who we are today– a centre created for students from primary to junior college levels, and powered by a group of passionate staff who believe in providing the best education for your child.

We teach from the heart and we care about your child’s progress. Join us in inspiring and supporting your child through his education journey by igniting his desire to excel.

Qualified & Experienced Tutors
As the key facilitators of the Just Education experience, our tutors play a critical role in inspiring our students to think creatively and effectively. Our teaching community comprises qualified and experienced teachers (including ex-Subject Heads, ex-Head of Departments (HOD) and assessment book authors, etc.) who possess a wealth of teaching experience, subject matter knowledge and familiarity with the latest MOE syllabus.

Our stringent selection process and regular evaluations ensure that our tutors maintain the highest teaching standards. You can be assured that your child is given the best guidance on this learning journey.

Programmes Offered

Our English curriculum comprises of an extensive and up-to-date selection of current affairs and general knowledge, to build on students’ strong understanding of their world around them. This in turn will help them express themselves better in their spoken and written English.

Our curriculum follows a 4 –week cycle where each week, there is a different focus. Students are exposed to grammar focus, vocabulary focus and comprehension focus. With continuous exposure to these components, students form a strong foundation with correct strategies and techniques to overcome even the most challenging questions. The focus lesson is used to guide students before they start their weekly practices.

We impart top-notch writing techniques to students to help them impress and stand out in their writing.

Stimulus-based Conversation
Stimulus-based Conversation, which was previously known as ‘Oral’, is another exam component many students tend to neglect. At JustEdu, we ensure that all our students are well-equipped to ace this portion. We design our curriculum to engage students in highly-stimulating discussions on current and popular issues in society.


Secondary English (Express)
The enormous changes to Singapore’s secondary English syllabus in recent years reflect a critical shift in the challenges and demands faced by Singapore’s workforce. Recognising this, we place great value in keeping our curriculum updated and in line with the examination syllabus.

Our worksheets cover all examinable components and place strong emphasis on developing both our students’ mastery of the English language as well as their grasp of current affairs.

Our readings introduce them to sophisticated writing techniques and acquaint them with the latest socio-political events in Singapore, the region, and the world. We strongly believe in getting our youths to think and comment intelligently and confidently about their place in today’s society.

Secondary English (Integrated Programme)
At JustEdu, we know just how bright IP students are – and how much brighter they can shine when someone sparks their interest in learning.

Through our thematically-structured curriculum, we inspire students to:

  • Develop a strong interest in key societal issues ranging from poverty to gender inequality to environmentalism, and comment intelligently on these issues.
  • Nurture a love for literary language even as they learn how to criticise poetry, prose, and drama constructively.

Robotics Holiday Programme

Robotics WorkshopLearn about technology for the first time through robotics. How do we get the robot to start moving and obey our commands? How do robots actually work? Children are explorative and inquisitive in nature. Let them engage in enriching activities to cultivate creativity, imagination, and good learning attitude while making their holiday fruitful. Our holiday programme is open for children with no or little experience.


  • Foster strategic and critical thinking which is essential for problem solving
  • Improve concentration & attention span
  • Promote creative thinking; encourage students to think out of the box.
  • Develop teamwork and communication skills
  • Enhance knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

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