About Us

Since 1993, Han Language Centre has grown from a humble beginning to a well-established brand name in the Chinese education society and Chinese tuition industry, earning the trust of parents and students alike with its dedication. With 18 centres islandwide, Han is Singapore’s largest group of Chinese Language and Chinese tuition Specialist.

The Chinese Language is an exquisite form of art that is full of meaning and beauty. We deeply understand that in order for students to appreciate the Chinese Language and enjoy Chinese tuition session, we have to first arouse their interest via specifically designed study materials and teaching methods.

Han aims to develop our students with skills and agility in oral and written prowess, using a combination of comprehensive study materials and extremely well-qualified academic staff that adopts precise and stimulating methods. This makes Han Language Centre different from normal Chinese tuition provider in market.

Our curriculum is modeled on the Singapore education syllabus and then fine-tuned to create a set of study and tuition materials that complement each level of studies. Step by step, with our Chinese Tuition programme, we use precise methods to enrich our students’ knowledge in areas that are lacking in school texts. Years of hard work and Chinese tuition experience have allowed Han to develop rigorous quality assurance in the maintenance of high academic standards.

Han has also collaborated with schools and has organised various courses in 45 schools, including 4-year long-term courses, and short-term ones. Those courses, such as Chinese tuition course, writing technique courses, have helped improve the performance of schools\students in the Chinese language.

Programmes Offered

Chinese Tuition Programme
School Textbook Enhancement & Examination Techniques (P1-P6)
The Chinese tuition programme follows closely to the school textbook curriculum. It is for students who require a slower pace of learning so as to improve their foundation gradually. This tuition programme aims to solve immediate problems encountered in learning the Chinese language and hence build up the students’ confidence in preparing for their examinations.

Enrichment Course
Essay Writing & Language Expression Techniques (P1-S4)
For students with a good foundation in the Chinese language and who wish to see improvement in a short time. This course provides an all-round improvement to the student’s ability in comprehension and expression.

Compo and Compre Course
Essay Writing and Comprehension Techniques (P2-P6, S1-S2)
Enhancing writing and comprehension skills, revising various popular examination topics and following school essay writing curriculum to solve problems and obtain higher marks with confidence.

Short-Term Courses
To better meet the needs of our students, Han Language Centre offers various short-term tutorial courses during the school holidays to help students improve their knowledge and language skills.

These short-term courses are flexible and can commence when sufficient students have enrolled; the goal of the short-term courses are to enhance particular language skills and thus we welcome parents to contact us directly if a specific need is perceived.

PSLE Elite Course
The objective of the Elite PSLE Chinese Class is to provide students with the same training and learning methods adopted in the annual June PSLE class, so as to help them achieve the best results they can.

The classes at Yishun and Yio Chu Kang will be taught by Principal Han, with an assistant teacher. The requirement for enrollment in the Elite Class is a 70% score (or thereabouts) for Primary 5 Chinese.

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