About Us

Club Martial was officially set up in the year 2007 by Les Lim, a very strong passion for martial art sport, the vision is to educate and sharing of lifestyle fitness. We provide proper path of Chinese & Western martial arts movements with modern and ancients techniques that makes learning more effortless and enjoyable. We encourage kids, teenages, parents and senior citizens to joined us at Club Martial. Learning the art will help us to release tension, frustration, and also help to improve the high blood pressure and those who have weight problems too.

All of our Trainers or Instructors are registered and certified by (ICMAUA) International Combat Martial Arts Union Association and (MAAI) Martial Arts Association International.

Programmes Offered

We offer the following martial arts courses: Taiji, Xingyi, Ba Gua Zhang, Muay Thai, Boxing, ShanShou, Shaolin Lee Kung Fu

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