Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

11 Out of this World Solar System Toys for Your Star Explorer e1482405618605 1024x614 - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

People have been looking up at the sky for thousands of years of human history wondering about what is up there. Children are naturally curious about the world, ours and the ones beyond. Studying the solar system is a brilliant way to fuel that curiosity and encourage an interest in science and exploration. As members of this solar system, it’s important we educate ourselves and our kids about it. To that end, check out these amazing solar system for kids toys.

1. Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration

Xtronaut - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration is the perfect toy for any kid who ever wanted to go on a space mission and race through the solar system. And that’s most of us, right? This game is fun for the entire family to play together and everyone will learn something new. In addition to teaching space science, this game also educates players about engineering and space technology. I love a unique game for family game nights and this is one that will definitely impress and educate players.

Ages: 7 years+

2. Virtual Explorer Space Expedition

VR Solar System for Kids 1 e1482403876422 1024x811 - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

Virtual Explorer Space Expedition uses your smartphone to make a virtual reality solar system for kids. This toy comes with four different ways to learn about space and the solar system. The tabletop planetarium projects space right onto the walls of your home. Learning about planets and space expeditions is fun with the Explorer Activity Guide. The answers on the guide unlock amazing virtual space adventures. There are also 3-D interactive models for hands-on learning. But the highlight is definitely the virtual reality goggles for use with the free phone app. A solar system for kids learning is available through these goggles. This toy impressed me with its high-tech learning capabilities. I didn’t know virtual reality toys this high quality existed.

Ages: 8-15 years

3. Solar System Floor Puzzle

Solar System Floor Puzzle - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

Solar System Floor Puzzle is a wonderful way to create a solar system for kids in younger age groups. This 2×3 foot, 48 piece puzzle will bring the solar system to large and colorful life in your home. Parents can easily wipe off the puzzle pieces when they need cleaning from sticky fingers. Rough handling won’t damage the pieces because they are made of extra-thick cardboard. The durability is perfect for a puzzle intended for this age group. My preschool age daughter loves large floor puzzles. The big pieces are easy to handle and not too hard to assemble with her developing fine motor skills. I loved introducing her to the solar system with this puzzle.

Ages: 3–6 years

4. GeoSafari Motorized Solar System

Lighted Solar System for Kids e1482403987761 1024x673 - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

GeoSafari Motorized Solar System can convert your child’s room into their own planetarium. The brightly lit sun, eight planets, and Pluto will light up the room and allow young space enthusiasts to study the orbits and rotations of the planets on their very own ceiling. This solar system for kids is a working model of the planets and a great way to encourage scientific curiosity and learning. For budding astronomers, this is a must-have toy.

5. Moons and Planets Game

Moon and Stars Game e1482404022647 - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

Moons and Planets Game is a fun, space inspired take on the traditional memory game. The cards are pictures of the actual planets, not cartoon images. I found them stunning. These beautiful images are sure to inspire an interest in our stars and planets in young players and adults alike. Included with the game, you’ll find a guidebook with facts about all the stars and planets. This game has broad age appeal and while a fun way to introduce your six-year-old to space, it will also appeal to a twelve-year-old who is already dreaming of becoming an astronaut.

Ages: 6 years+

6. Teach My Preschooler the Solar System

Preschool Solar System for Kids e1482404059806 - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

Teach My Preschooler the Solar System may not have the most creative name, but it is packed with solar system information and educational fun. As a mom and daycare provider for children in the preschool and younger years I love this toy. This unique solar system for kids includes a puzzle within a puzzle to the delight of my kids. Not only can you take apart the puzzle pieces, you can remove the individual planets from the puzzle pieces as well. The set also includes a book, poster, and flashcards. If you have a curious preschooler this is a fun way to learn about our fascinating solar system.

Ages: 18 months to 6 years

7. Solar System Marble Set

Marble Solar System for Kids e1482404186158 - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

Solar System Marble Set is a beautiful do-it-yourself solar system for kids. Each of the ten included marbles represents a planet or the sun and is sized appropriately. Kids playing with this set or making it into a model will learn the order of the planets and other features represented by the marbles. This well-made set is beautiful and would make a great school or homeschool solar system project. Although the manufacturer recommends this set for ages three to fifteen, it is most appropriate for older kids in no danger of putting the marbles in their mouths, which my four year old still might. Younger children can, of course, enjoy this with supervision. I can easily picture this on the desk or dresser of a young space science fan.

Ages: 3-15 years

8. Safariology The Solar System

Solar System Handainted Set e1482404376212 - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

Safariology The Solar System is a solar system model made of the sun and eight planets, each hand painted for detailed accuracy. Your child can place the planets in a removable tray which holds them in orbit. There is also a card included with educational information and fun facts. I was impressed by the detailed painting done on each of these unique planets and your child will be too. This is a small model, intended for use by school age kids.

Ages: 7-15 years

9. SmartLab Toys Solar System Adventure

Solar System Adventure e1482404553137 1024x806 - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

SmartLab Toys Solar System Adventure is a build your own solar system model that also comes with a rolling Mars Rover. Another fun feature of this solar system is that with a couple of batteries added, it lights up. Included with the game, your child will find a poster full of fun space facts. If your budding space explorer prefers independent projects, this is a great set for them. Setting up this solar system by themselves is completely doable for kids in the manufacturer recommended age range. I appreciate the hands-on learning opportunity offered by this solar system for kids.

Ages: 8-15 years

10. Great Explorations 3-D Solar System

Glowing Solar System - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

Great Explorations 3-D Solar System includes over 200 planets and stars your child can hang from their bedroom ceiling. This isn’t just a science toy, it’s a whole room decoration. You can hang the planets from the ceiling, then surround them with  the adhesive stars, asteroids and comets in whatever pattern suits your child’s taste. Surrounding yourself with your very own solar system will teach and inspire curiosity about outer space. The set also includes a list of fun planetary facts. This ceiling solar system is high quality and comes with a Lifetime Glow Guarantee.

Ages: 5 years+

11. 4M Solar System Planetarium

Solar System Planetarium - Solar System for Kids: 11 Out of this World Options

4M Solar System Planetarium is the perfect combination of art and science. Kids will love the opportunity to paint and build this solar system model from scratch. The space enthusiast in my house prefers doing everything on his own, rather than relying on pre-painted planets or pre-made models. Learning through creating your own model is educational and fun. This set includes the planets, paint pens, stencils, rods, string and a fact-filled wall chart. The paint included with the kit glows in the dark for added fun once the model is complete. Many space fans will love the start to finish chance to make their own solar system.

Ages: 8 years+

These are but a few of many great solar system toys out there. What are your favorites? Let us know below.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Hubble Space Telescope / ESA

Source: Fractus Learning

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