9 Awesome Two Wheel Scooter Options For Active Play

9 Awesome Two Wheel Scooter Options For Active Play

Along with trikes and bikes, scooters are a fun, exciting way for kids and even adults to cruise the neighborhood. A two wheel scooter is relatively easy for younger kids to ride; it’s also a great way for kids to develop balance and coordination before mastering a two-wheeled bike. They are also smaller, lighter and more portable than bicycles. Many scooters even fold up for easy transport and storage. When choosing a two wheel scooter, consider your child’s size and age. A small lightweight scooter may work for the youngest riders and as they get a little older, a sturdier scooter and possibly one that adjusts to fit teens and adults may be more appropriate. Regardless of the rider’s age, a helmet is an absolute must.

Fun Two Wheel Scooter Options For Kids and Adults

1. Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Razor A3 Kick Two Wheel Scooter

Razor A3 Kick Two Wheel Scooter is an updated version of the immensely popular Razor Scooter. The A3 has quite a few upgrades from the original Razor, most notably the larger wheels, which reviewers love. It’s a larger, sturdier scooter in general than the original A1 and handles rough pavement better than its predecessors. This sturdy scooter is made with aircraft grade aluminum for durability. It features a front fork with a springless shock system and large 125-millimeter wheels for a smooth ride. Razor scooter’s patented folding mechanism is one of its most popular features. Simply fold it up for easy storage and portability. Finally, the A3 features a rear fender break and even a wheelie bar for quick stops and cool tricks. It comes in several colors.

2. Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor A Kick Two Wheel Scooter

The Razor A Kick Scooter is the “original” Razor scooter and a slightly smaller version of the A3. It’s also less expensive and may be an appropriate choice for younger children or as a first scooter. It shares many of the desirable features of the A3, like sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum construction and the convenient folding mechanism. It also has the rear fender brake. The most obvious differences are the wheel size and the deck size. The Razor A has 93-millimeter urethane wheels and a slightly shorter, narrower deck than the A3. However, it may be a better fit for smaller children. The Razor A comes in a larger selection of colors than the A3, including pink. My seven-year-old niece has been riding one of these for a couple of years and still loves it.

3. VT ScootGear Two Wheel Scooter

VT ScootGear Two Wheel Scooter

The VT ScootGear Scooter is a metal frame scooter for kids 110 pounds and under. Unlike many other scooters, the ScootGear has adjustable handlebars. It adjusts from 28″–32″ and grows with your child. The metal alloy frame is lightweight and foldable so the scooter is easy to store, carry and transport. The handlebars are padded for comfort and easy to hold. For even more fun, the wheels light up when riding.

4. Madd Gear Alloy Folding Scooter

Madd Gear Alloy Folding Two Wheel Scooter

The Madd Gear Alloy Folding Scooter features cool graphics and bright colors for the kids who likes to stand out. The design not only looks cool but offers extra grip on the scooter deck. The Madd Gear Scooter has an “Easy Lock Folding Mechanism” on its sturdy frame—pack it up and take it anywhere. Stop easily and safely with the quick stop rear brake. Other great features include adjustable handlebar height to grow with your child and durable 100-millimeter polyurethane wheels. Available in red, blue, green and purple.

5. Vokul LUX Big Wheel Two Wheel Scooter

Vokul LUX Big Wheel Kick Two Wheel Scooter

Scooters aren’t just for the little kids in the family. The Vokul LUX Big Wheel Kick Scooter is perfect for older kids and even adults. Enjoy a fun scooter outing with the entire family! The Vokul LUX fits riders up to 220 pounds and features an extra-sturdy, reinforced deck and aircraft-grade aluminum construction. The deck is low to the ground for easy pushing. Urethane wheels are 8″ and the adjustable height, padded handlebars are designed for comfort and to absorb vibration, especially on rough roads. Despite its large size, the Vokul weighs only 8.8 pounds and is easy to transport with the convenient carry strap. Adult riders, who often use this scooter to quickly navigate around cities, appreciate the high-quality of this scooter.

6. Globber MY TOO Folding Scooter

Globber MY TOO Folding Scooter - two wheel scooter

Another scooter designed for older kids, the Globber MY TOO Folding Scooter is for riders up to 220 pounds. Adjustable handlebars allow for different sized kids to ride comfortably. Described as “the perfect vehicle for kids on the go”, the MY TOO features 100-millimeter wheels with a rear brake and wide handlebars for comfort and smooth handling. The lightweight aluminum frame folds up for easy transport and storage and there’s even a convenient carry strap. Comes in fun colors for both boys and girls.

7. Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter

Razor Kixi Mixi Two Wheel Scooter

Three-wheel scooters are popular for the youngest, first-time scooter riders and the Razor Kixi Mixi Scooter allows little ones to transition from a three-wheel to a two wheel scooter. After little ones develop the confidence and coordination from a three-wheel scooter, changing to a two-wheel is very easy. The Kixi Mixi is constructed of durable aluminum, is lightweight and has padded, folding handlebars. Available in both pink and green.

8. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Two Wheel Scooter

If a kick scooter is fun, then an electric scooter must be even more fun! The Razor E100 Electric Scooter utilizes a super quiet, high-torque motor to carry riders up to a speedy 10 mph. Starts with a kick and speed is controlled with a twist-grip throttle on the handlebars. The long-lasting, rechargeable battery offers up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time. Additional features include a retractable kickstand, an all steel frame, hand operated rear brake, 8″ pneumatic front tire for navigating rocks and bumps and a urethane rear wheel. Comes in three cool colors.

9. Urban 7XL Deluxe Adjustable Two Wheel Scooter

Urban 7XL Deluxe Adjustable Two Wheel Scooter

The Urban 7XL Deluxe Adjustable Two Wheel Scooter comes in lots of cool colors and is adjustable for a wide range of sizes. One reviewer reports that at 180 pounds he can use the scooter and adjust it for a comfortable ride for his 50-pound son. It’s rated for riders up to 220 pounds. This scooter also boasts a smooth, quiet ride, convenient folding mechanism and carry strap for portability and a sturdy but lightweight design.


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