9 Learning Tower Options for Families

9 Learning Tower Options for Families

Involving young children in cooking and meal preparation is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family. Measuring, stirring, and cooking are all tasks that present useful opportunities to teach simple math and science concepts. Meal preparation is also a great time to discuss nutrition and healthy eating. Cooking is a useful skill and when taught to children can be the start of a lifelong interest in food. But most kitchens weren’t built with little helpers in mind.

This is where a learning tower can be so useful. A learning tower gets young children up to counter height without the risks of falling you have with a chair or step stool. Children can confidently use their hands and focus on what they are doing without worrying about balance. It also keeps young children in one spot in the kitchen when you have heat on or sharp utensils they need to be kept away from. The more comfortable kids are in the kitchen, the better learning experience it will be.

Top Learning Tower Options for Families

1. Little Partners Learning Tower


Little Partners Learning Tower has all the features needed to help your young child feel confident helping in the kitchen. This learning tower fits flush against a counter to keep kitchen projects in easy reach of little arms and the adjustable height allows for years of usefulness. With a 500-pound weight limit, this learning tower has room for two children at a time, extra fun! Because I have two young daughters, having a tower with room for two is a must. If you want to invest in some additional accessories, you can also turn this learning tower into a theater, a lemonade stand or a dollhouse.

Ages: 18 months+

2. Guidecraft Kitchen Helper


Guidecraft Kitchen Helper is a perfect choice for families that need a compact learning tower they can fold up and store when they are finished cooking. The Guidecraft Kitchen Helper has a childproof, compact fold for easy storage and children’s safety. As a mom of young children in an 1100 square foot home, having a learning tower I can fold up and get out of the way is important. This tower also has a broad platform and adjustable height allowing your toddler to be comfortable and safe while helping in the kitchen.

Ages: 24 months—6 years

3. Step-Up Kitchen Helper


step-upStep-Up Kitchen Helper has a simple design that allows young children to easily climb up and down independently. Parents can adjust the height to allow their child the best view and access to the kitchen counter. The 200-pound weight limit and easy to climb steps mean this learning tower can double as a step stool for parents or older children when needed. I love a sturdy step stool for my own use in the kitchen and I love that this can serve that purpose as well as boosting my kids up to the counter to help out and learn.

Ages: 18 months+

4. Okeler Kids Kitchen Step Stool

okeler-kidsOkeler Kids Kitchen Step Stool allows kids to safely reach kitchen counters and sinks independently. We all know how much kids love being able to do these things themselves! I know my older daughter does. This learning tower features an adjustable height that grows with young children allowing for years of use. The platform of this tower also acts as a seat for little ones that want to rest or eat a snack while parents work in the kitchen. At my house, we can always use extra seating for the little ones.

Ages: 1–5 years

5. Learning Tower Kitchen Helper


Learning Tower Kitchen Helper is handmade to be a safe place for a young child to observe and work in the kitchen. This learning tower is constructed with child-safe lacquer and materials so there is no chemical residue or smell. Learning Tower Kitchen Helper is constructed with kids in mind and is sturdy enough to hold up to years of use. When I invest in a product like this, I like knowing it can stand up to years of use by my own kids and daycare kids.

Ages: 1+

6. Little Helper FunPod


funpodLittle Helper FunPod is the only learning tower that is completely enclosed. Parents can relax while cooking with their young child in the kitchen knowing they are safe in the FunPod and won’t be suddenly underfoot. As a parent, I worry about my kids running around when the stove is on or if I need to open the oven door. I love the FunPod’s complete enclosure for the safety it would provide in the kitchen. Kids will love being able to cook and wash dishes or do crafts at the kitchen counter from their fully enclosed Little Helper FunPod.

Ages: 1–6 years

7. Jonti-Craft Up-N-Down Stairs


Jonti-Craft Up-N-Down-Stairs allows kids to reach counters and sinks without adult assistance. The grab handles and skidproof steps make for safe and easy trips up and down the stairs. Kids will enjoy the independence of reaching the counter or sink height on their own. A great option for slightly older kids less in need of a fully enclosed tower to be secure. This tower would be perfect at my kitchen sink when my four year old wants to help with dishes or rinsing fruit and vegetables.

Ages: 1–6 years

8. The Growing Step Stool


The Growing Step Stool can be used in any room of the house. It is lightweight and easy to move around. The sturdy construction allows The Growing Step Stool to provide a step up for both children and adults. Kids can use it in the kitchen or bathroom to reach sinks or counters, while parents can use it to reach high shelves or the top of the refrigerator. I love that this stool is lightweight enough to use in the kitchen and then move to the bathroom for use at the hand washing sink. Living in a small house, I love items that are multi-functional.

Ages: 1+

9. High Rise Step-Up


High Rise Step-Up provides extra height for kids to reach kitchen counters, sinks, or other hard to reach places in the home. Hand holds and non-slip treads allow for safe independent steps up and down. The High Rise Step Up safely supports up to 125 pounds. This stool is a great options families seeking the height benefits of a learning tower at a more affordable price. Because the back is not enclosed, this may work best for slightly older children who may not need greater supervision.

Ages: 1+


Have you come across any learning towers that are safe and suave for your kitchen helpers? Let us know!


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