7 Baby Monitor Options for Parents of Babies and Toddlers

7 Baby Monitor Options for Parents of Babies and Toddlers

As a mom and a daycare provider, I have purchased several different baby monitors over the last few years. I have found different features to be helpful at different times with both infants and toddlers. One of the most surprising things for me is how helpful having a baby monitor has been with toddlers, long past the age anyone would call them a baby. Baby monitors come in a variety of styles that will fit the needs of different families depending on the age of children, the size of the house and several other factors you will want to consider before making a purchase. You may even find you need more than one, especially if you have more children in the future. A baby monitor is truly a technology that has made parenting easier.

Top Baby Monitor Options for Parents of Young Children

1. Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor is a top-selling monitor for several good reasons. The interchangeable lens technology allows you to try out different views and angles to make sure you have the best view of your child. When I had a video monitor with a static view there were times I would leave my baby’s room only to find the camera was not pointed at her or she had moved and was no longer in view. This made the video portion of the monitor basically useless unless I wanted to go back in and move it in the dark. The battery life on this baby monitor is also impressive. Although this is an expensive purchase, with these features it is well worth it.

2. VTech Safe and Sound Audio Baby Monitor

VTech Safe and Sound Audio Baby Monitor is perfect for parents that need a simple inexpensive baby monitor. This monitor has excellent range and a belt clip for mom or dad. This allows you to freely move about the house with the parent unit. With my oldest daughter, I used an audio-only monitor and was happy with it. I was able to hear and respond as soon as my daughter woke up and you can’t beat the range. I was even able to go out in my backyard and still be in the span of the monitor. The sound quality of this particular monitor is great with very little static—so you won’t constantly be reminded of the monitor’s presence!

3. Palermo HD Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Camera for Baby

Palermo HD Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Camera for Baby is for moms and dads who want a baby monitor that connects to their smartphone or other Wi-Fi enabled devices. These monitors weren’t common when I had my first baby. Now there are many options and they are very affordable considering all of the amazing features. The camera itself can be moved remotely to find the perfect angle for viewing your sleeping child. I love the two-way audio for letting my toddler know I can see her when she’s attempting to get out of bed after lights out. Taking still shots with this camera is another fun feature. You can use it to capture precious moments of your sleeping child.

4. Angelcare Video, Movement, and Sound Monitor

Angelcare Video, Movement, and Sound Monitor combines the features of several different types of baby monitors into one product. If you’re considering a movement monitor for your child’s sleep space, combining it with your audio and video baby monitor is a good way to save money. It will also reduce the number of electronics and cords in your nursery. The Angelcare under-the-mattress movement sensor pad has adjustable sensitivity to customize for your baby’s sleep situation. My husband and I felt the movement monitor gave us additional peace of mind while our baby slept. However, you do have to put up with the occasional false alarm. Video quality on this baby monitor is impressive, especially the night vision when compared to other monitors. If you’re looking for an all-in-one monitor, this is a great purchase to make.

5. Motorola Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Motorola Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras is ideal for parents with more than one child to monitor. Many baby monitors have the option to purchase an additional camera later but it is sometimes at great expense—or if a few years go by between your initial purchase and the addition of a second child, you may find they no longer make units for your monitor. As a daycare provider, I have often had multiple baby monitor units with me at once. How much simpler it is to have a two camera monitor with a split screen for monitoring multiple rooms. Two-way audio and great video quality are also useful features of this monitor.

6. Levana Sophia Digital Video Baby Monitor

Levana Sophia Digital Video Baby Monitor is the video monitor I currently use for my own toddler’s bedroom. I love the two-way audio. The sound quality is crystal clear. Video quality is great during the day for naptime, but I will admit the night vision is not as impressive as others I have tried. What I do love about this one is its durability; I have had it for a long time and it has been dropped, played with, bumped, moved around, and it still works just as well as the first day I set it up. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth and I would purchase it again without hesitation. If you’re looking for a toddler’s room monitor, you may find it helpful to choose one that can survive some rough handling.

7. Zzume 2 Way Audio Night Vision Baby Monitor

Zzume 2 Way Audio Night Vision Baby Monitor has excellent night vision viewing when compared to some other video baby monitors, especially when you consider the price. Lullaby mode was a feature I found surprisingly useful. I’ve tried a variety of white noise and musical devices to help my littles ones get to sleep on their own. It’s great having that option on a baby monitor. I love dual purpose devices that save on the number of items crowded into an already full nursery. Another handy feature on this monitor is the alarm you can set to remind you when to next feed your baby; if you’re buying a monitor for a newborn this can be a surprisingly necessary reminder in those sleep-deprived early weeks. The additional features and the excellent monitoring make this a baby monitor well worth purchasing.

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