Russia focuses on soft power in its international student strategy

Russia is recruiting international students to strengthen its “soft power” in former Soviet states rather than gaining any significant income from foreign enrollments, a study suggests. About 283,000 international students studied at Russian universities last year, making it the sixth-largest market for globally mobile students,… Read More

A roundup of campus fallout from the Trump immigration order

A roundup of campus fallout from the Trump immigration order

The controversy over President Trump's ban on entry to the U.S. by nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries continues to prompt campus disputes. Questioning a Fund-Raiser at Mar-a-Lago Harvard University medical students have organized a petition calling on the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which is affiliated with… Read More

British universities see major risks with Brexit

Restricting the free movement of students and academics from the European Union after Brexit is likely to have a “sudden and damaging impact” to U.K. universities and E.U. student numbers could fall by two-thirds, the University of Cambridge has warned. In its submission to an… Read More

U.S. report examines constraints on university programs in China

A U.S. Government Accountability Office review of 12 American universities operating in China identified Internet censorship and reports of self-censorship as two key issues. “University members generally indicated that they experienced academic freedom, but they also indicated that Internet censorship and other factors presented constraints,”… Read More

ZALORA Scholarship

ZALORA Scholarship Scholarship Facts ZALORA is an online fashion retailer that believes in making fashion accessible. It is the core of our business – we bring high-street labels to Asia in a convenient way. Secretly, we are tech geeks who love numbers and codes as… Read More