Duke-NUS Medical School

Duke-NUS Medical School

Duke-NUS Medical School Fast Facts The Duke University School of Medicine is recognised as one of the best medical schools in the United States and the world, based on factors such as reputation, selectivity, research activity, and faculty resources. Among the draws of the medical… Read More

New book explores student decision making in college

New book explores student decision making in college

Students are asked to make a host of decisions in college. They pick a major, a housing arrangement and maybe a study abroad destination or thesis topic. They also grapple with dozens of smaller choices, like whether to study for an exam or take a… Read More

Science Confirms Spanking Kids is Ineffective

As parents, we don’t focus on parenting the “right way” versus the “wrong way”—we focus on ineffective parenting versus effective parenting. Spanking is not effective in getting kids to follow rules or change their behaviour. Experts at the University of Texas and University of Michigan… Read More

Musically speaking…

According to a study conducted at York University by a team of researchers, learning about rhythm, pitch, and melody for 20 days increased pre-schoolers’ verbal intelligence scores by an average of about 20 percent, with more than 90 percent of the children showing improvement. The… Read More

Economically speaking…

According to a research conducted by Yoram Bauman and Elaina Rose of the University of Washington (“Why are economics students more selfish than the rest?“), college economics courses have the effect of making non-economics majors less generous, at least towards nonprofits. In experiments, the researchers… Read More

Numerically speaking…

In a study of 32 two-year-olds, a research team led by Alicia Chang of the University of Delaware found that American mothers use explicit quantifications (e.g. “four crayons”) 2.7 times more frequently when speaking to boys than to girls. According to the researchers, greater amounts… Read More