Top U.S. Colleges of 2016

Forbes’ list of top 660 U.S. colleges and universities incorporates parents’ concerns about return on investment, retention rates, student satisfaction, and student debt, to name a few of the factors used to compile the list.

In the top spot this year is Stanford University in California, which is no stranger to being number one on Forbes’ annual list. Stanford is followed by Williams College in Massachusetts, and Princeton University in New Jersey.

Here are the top 25 colleges of 2016:

1. Stanford University
2. Williams College
3. Princeton University
4. Harvard University
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6. Yale University
7. Pomona College
8. Brown University
9. Wesleyan University
10. Swarthmore College
11. University of Pennsylvania
12. Amherst College
13. University of Notre Dame
14. U.S. Military Academy
15. Northwestern University
16. Columbia University
17. Dartmouth College
18. Tufts University
19. Bowdoin College
20. University of Chicago
21. Georgetown University
22. Boston College
23. Haverford College
24. U.S. Naval Academy
25. Davidson College

You can check out the entire list here.

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