Fast Facts

Knowledge Learning Studio is a business extension of JBS International College (JBSIC), formerly known as Jamiyah Business School, an affiliation of Jamiyah Singapore, a well-respected, professional voluntary welfare organisation dedicated to carrying out a wide range of welfare services in education and healthcare since 1932.

Knowledge Learning Studio is a newly established tuition centre, which provides tuition and enrichment classes for PSLE , GCE ’O’ Level, GCE ‘A’ Level, as well as 1-1 personal coaching. With our years of experience in nurturing the young in their journey to academic excellence and character development, we are making our expertise accessible through our new set up, Knowledge Learning Studio.

Our Mission
Our mission is to make learning a ‘Fun’ and ‘Fruitful’ experience, where our students are immersed in an environment that promotes collaborative learning and the development of good character.

We are committed to help our students gain knowledge more efficiently and effectively through our Study Skills Workshop and Psychometric Profiling. Together with our trained and certified teachers, Knowledge Learning Studio will make learning a fun journey.

Our Strengths
With our dedicated and caring staff, we are confident that Knowledge Learning Studio is your partner in learning!

  • Qualified and Experienced Teachers
  • Small Class Learning
  • Proven Study Skills and Methods
  • Psychometric Profiling
  • Competitive and Affordable Rates
  • Committed and Caring Staff

Psychometric Profiling
At Knowledge Learning Studio, we strongly believe in using the right tools to enhance and accelerate our student’s learning journey! Psychometric Profiling is used at our learning studio to help parents and teachers to understand their children’s learning needs better.

Psychometric Profiling reveals 16 sub-dimensions that form the Traits or Personality Value Profile (PVP) of an individual. When used by a Certified and trained Coach, the PVP can be used to identify relevant study skills and techniques suited to the personality of the student.

Programmes Offered

Knowledge Learning Studio provides Tuition Programmes, Enrichment Classes & Personal Coaching for:

Primary Level: 1 – 6

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Chinese
  • Malay

Secondary Level: 1 – 5

  • Additional Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese
  • English
  • English Literature
  • Malay
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Science

GCE ‘A’ Level

  • General Paper
Tell us about your most popular programme

Our Study Skills Workshop is the most popular programme with parents and their children. Psychometric profiling is used to determine the best approach to learning for different personality traits.

Tell us about your most unique programme

In our commitment to help our students gain knowledge and study more effectively, Knowledge Learning Studio has partnered with eLeFPi Learnscapes of SWKD Consulting to deliver a 12-hour workshop which focuses on how to acquire the study skills needed to excel academically.

In this workshop, students learn the relevant study skills that include various techniques on preparing for the important examinations. These life skills not only are beneficial in their studies, they are also helpful in character moulding in their growing years.

List of Study Skills

  • Gain Greater Self-Awareness
  • Study Skills Inventory
  • Preview + Skim
  • ACE-ing your Studying
  • Daily R+R
  • Study Reading
  • Note-taking
  • Subject Specific Notes
  • Warm-up Drills
  • Learning + Memory
  • Concentration
  • Timeliness
  • Secret to Improving Grades
  • The Effective Students’ Planner
  • Preparing for the Test/Exam
  • G-T-R Cycle (Gain-Test-Review Cycle)
  • Test/Exam G-Y-M

At Knowledge Learning Studio, we understand that every child needs to be given a chance to shine and unlock his innate interests and talents.

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